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I love any race car whose last name is "Special"


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Dave Phillips
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Follow up from yesterday's post. First correction - didn't mean to say "Roar Racing", meant "road racing":)

I am a pretty sorry excuse for a computer user... Not sure how to add photos to a post so I started an "album" in the photo gallery as a way to get some pics and hopefully start a discussion. I have never seen a suspension system like this before and want to try to understand what the builder was going for.

As I said, the car was successful and competitative for about 12 years (& we all know how old last year's racecar is...). But aside from hairpins & tube axle, this was run with a rack & pinion ('57 MGA) and according to what I have been reading r&p shouldn't work either - but it did.

I'm no engineer, just a back yard mechanic (was trained as a machinist/welder/fabricator many years ago) and that is why I want to learn by 'others mistakes' rather than make my own.


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mac miller
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Hi Dave,

Thanks for posting the pix of your car. I love the 50s/60s American built road racing Spls.

I think the one thing you can do to make a big improvement is to replace the wishbone axle links with a parallel, equal length four link setup to reduce front axle bind. Photo 5 in your album shows your car with a purty big understeer, which is exactly what happens when the front axle binds.

Another question is what kind of differential do you have in your quick change. If you have a locked diff or a spool it will also cuase a big understeer.

Another thing that it looks like you could do, without modification, is to replace the current front spring and shock with a modern coil over unit which would be much lighter and adjustable.

Also, considering the location of your steering rack in relation to your front axle, it would be interesting to check the toe steer variation through out the verical suspension movement.

The car looks like a great example of the 50s/60s Spls. and should be great fun to drive.

Please update your photo album as you work on the car so we can follow your progress.

       mac miller in INDY 


I love any racecar whose last name is "SPECIAL"

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