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carl s
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carl s
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To: WCVR SC, WRA, and Historic Champ/Indycar Group Dist Lists (all email address hidden fo security)

From: Carl Schulz Indio, CA

Subj: A photo from this weekend's Vintage Event at Tucson Speedway


It's late Friday Night April 5th at Keith Ames Inaugural Reopening of the beautiful 3/8 Mile newly repaved Tucson Speedway and West Coast Vintage Racers Southwest Chapter Vintage Indycar Coordinator Ray Alcaraz is waiting word to send out the Vintage Indycars for the final session of the day. Billy Shuman, WCVR President and Event Coordinator is at the other end of pit lane coordinating the staging of the final sessions for the vintage midgets and sprintcars but for the moment the Club's Indycars will have the spotlight. Larry Pfitzenmaier has buttoned up The 1959 Watson- Simoniz Special for the evening and is enjoying an event finally close to his home in Sonoita. Ray has shut down his Epperly 'Somewhat Special' Roadster for the evening having had enough fun for the day. Veteran Midget Competitior Mike Schrum is taking his first session in

Carl Schulz' 1927 Miller - #15 Boyle Valve Special Tribute Car in preparation for a first time session at Victory Lane's Historic Champ/Indycar Event June 21-23 at Auto Club Speedway, behind him in the green 1920s Flat Tail Big Car is driver/builder Fred Secker, a Tucson snow bird from the UK who is a VSCC competitor back home and who plans on rejoining us in The Fall. Behind Ray is Jerome Arizona Historic Gold Mine Curator/Operator, Don Robertson, patiently waiting in his self built 1928 Studebaker straight 8 powered Indycar recreation. Kelly Schrum is on the push vehicle behind Don-saving him the trouble of getting out and hand cranking the beast. Del Deiner is strapped into his McClure Champcar out of sight in the background waiting for the word to be pushed off and the first to take the track.

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