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I love any race car whose last name is "Special"

looking for partner to build new roadster!

 I am currently completing design for a new Salih/Epperly/Belond style, “laydown” engine, Indy roadster replica.

  I am looking for an individual or company to finance the construction of this new car and own the completed car.

  This car will be a top quality car, capable of running at all major vintage oval track events and be a feature display car at any major auto show.

  Major “on track” vintage events include California Speedway, New Hampshire Speedway, Texas World Speedway, Darlington Speedway and the Millers at Milwaukee meet.

  Major show displays include the PRI Industry shows, SEMA industry show, the IMIS Industry show and selected “GoodGuys” and “World of Wheels” shows.

  The ultimate cost of this completed car will be 85 to 90 thousand  dollars with an initial investment of 35 thousand dollars.


 Serious inquiries to:         Tom McGriff                                                                                                                                              P.O.Box 22444                                                                                                                                       Indianapolis IN 46222

                                      Tel:  317 738 6405